Applied Cybersecurity Summer 2019

Congratulations to the Applied Cybersecurity Summer 2019 Graduates

The 2019 session addressed information security, ethical and legal practices, and mitigating cyber vulnerabilities.

Team Project Winners:

  • 1st Place (tie): Stormbreaker
  • 1st Place (tie): Doxinfo

AI-Enhanced - Industrial Control Systems Security

An artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm implemented via Generative Adversarial Network (GAN). GANs are composed of two competing neural networks which attempt to fool each other. The STORMBREAKER GAN is comprised of two, one-dimensional convolutional neural networks with a total of over 1 million parameters.

LT Joseph Post, LT Sean Fitzgerald, Garry Rosene and Olasunkanmi Kupoluyi.

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Making Privacy Transparent

Doxinfo is a platform for checking and rating privacy of the websites. Find out how websites and online companies use your data. Campare them and chose the one that is privacy respectful. Track which data online services demand, collect and use it in your favor. Control what kind of personal data you want to share.

Bruno Dantas, Ricardo Norzagaray, Hermann Pauwells and John Goes.